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Massa Intelligent Toilet

Massa Intelligent Toilet


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Compact, concealed one piece toilet with integrated personal cleaning
Low profile, modern tankless design offers a direct powerful flush action
Automatic flush system for touchless convenience
4.8Lpf/1.28Gpf single flush high efficiency
16″ Height elongated bowl
Rimless design provides a more effective hygienic and easy to clean bowl
Pre-rinsing before each use
Additional foot flush control for convenience
Illuminated night light
Stainless spray nozzle provides adjustable spray, position and water temperature options
Adjustable warm air drying
Slow close heated seat with adjustable temperature controls for added comfort
Ultraviolet sterilization to sanitize the spray nozzle
Easy to operate remote control

26 3/4″ in (L) × 16″ in (W )× 20 3/8″ in (H)

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