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The same care & respect that Foremost International has for our customers and employees extends to our surrounding communities, both locally and on a global scale. We take pride in being involved in a variety of outreach programs, such as our continued work with Habitat for Humanity and the creation of our Tissue Issue campaign (read more about that below).

Since responsibility does not stop at national borders, Foremost works to protect and sustain our global environment by using innovative engineering to make the most of our global resources.

The Tissue Issue

A 2015 Mashable article featured a list of 13 essential items that most individuals don’t think to donate. At the top of list: toilet paper. Toilet paper is a basic staple to our everyday and we don’t often consider that others in our community sometimes go without.

On November 6th 2017, Foremost International announced our new effort to address this problem. With our new campaign, the Tissue Issue, we decided to dedicate ourselves to solving the tissue issue one, roll at a time.

As a company, our goal was to come together to collect 1,000 rolls to donate to the Salvation Army. Employees were encouraged to reach out to family and friends to bring in as much as they could. In the spirit of friendly competition, a weekly top-contributor was awarded with a golden toilet paper statue and VIP parking spot. Our staff went above and beyond, working together to bring in as much as they could.

Having reached our 1,000 roll goal two weeks before our deadline, we kept collecting and made our final donation of 2,096 rolls to the Salvation Army on December 12th, 2017. We plan on making this an annual campaign to help support our community.